Witvast - one of the most used shading material in the world for more than 80 years

The advantage of our shading materials is a wide range of resistance to weather conditions.

Compared with other products, from economical point of view, it can be applied multiple times during the season to obtain an optimal protection of your crops.

Dense enough, not other additives necessary .Witvast is very easy to remove mechanic or with wick acids.


Other advantages :

  • You can dilute Witvast with water on site .Transport of the water not being necessary.
  • The possibility of loading in any transport vehicle: car, truck, ship container
  • Large surface coverage: between 500-700 sq. for both products, Witvast and La Blanche

Directions for use:

  • Durability: 2-3 months, depends on weather conditions.
  • Recommended mix: 1 kg Witvast in 4 l of water / 25 kg Witvast in 100 l water

Note: mixed well while adding La Blanche in water, to prevent coagulation. We recommend the use of a mechanical mixer.


  • 25 kg plastic bags

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Packaging – 5-10 l buckets

Packaging – IBC Containers

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