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Houweling is one of the leaders of shading material market from Europe and not only

Beginnings of Houweling Group BV, from which Houweling SRL is part of, are somewhere in 1925 when Cor Houweling sr. registered his company to the Chamber of Commerce from The Netherlands. Cor Houweling sr invented a product which protects the crops found in greenhouses from the harmful UV sun light.

Houweling BV overcomes the tough years of crisis and takes full advantage of the massive construction of the greenhouses.

Between 1960-1990, Houweling BV, changes the office location few times, and today has the headquarters in Bleiswijk, The Netherlands.

In the year 2000, in Deva, represents the foundation of a small factory of calk processing, which is the raw material for shading materials manufacturing.

In 2007 is the opening of our new factory in Gurasada, 30 km away from Deva. At the event were Cor Houweling Jr General Manager of Houweling Group and Mr. Bolhuisen.

Besides shading materials, Houweling has a wide range of products having calcium carbonate as base material which are used in paint industry, ceramic adhesives, animal feed and soil treatment.

Today Houweling SRL has a number of 19 employers, own calk quarry in Carmazanesti and a production capacity of  5000 t / year.

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Packaging – 5-10 l buckets

Packaging – IBC Containers

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